Frequently Asked Questions
About Insignis Getways
Q How are you different from travel agencies?
A We at Insignis Getaways believe that there’s a lot more to creating a holiday than merely booking flight tickets, hotels and arranging transportation. An Insignis Getaway is a completely customized luxury holiday that revolves around the individual’s wishes and preferences.
Q Your holiday packages do not cover typical destinations. What makes them unique?
A We have chosen one-of-a-kind destinations that unfold into a magical experience that leads you along paths unexplored. We have lived this experience by personally exploring these locations and we can assure you that they are some of the finest holiday destinations in the world. We are planning to expand our offerings through further exploration.
Q Will you suggest the must-see places at these destinations?
A Yes, we will recommend these places in relevance to your wishes and tastes. We will also suggest other places at these locations, so that you
Q How long would it take for my itinerary to get prepared?
A Our recommended itinerary will be shared within 5 days of our first meeting and can be modified during our second meeting, based on your preferences.
Q Can I customize my itinerary?
A Yes. We endeavour to fulfil all of your travel wishes and go to the maximum possible extent to make it a reality.
Q Can I make changes to the itinerary during my holiday?
A Our goal is to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday and if that means making a few changes along the way, we’ll carry them out as far as is reasonably possible.
Visa & Payment
Q Would you help with the visa application process and other documentation required for the trip?
A We provide as much help with the visa application process as is reasonably possible. Though, we will require your compliance with regard to sharing of necessary documentation and information.
Q How long does the visa processing take?
A The visa processing period differs based on the destination countries and they can be clarified at the respective embassies for the European packages. Seychelles offers visa on arrival for Indians and therefore, does not require any prior procedures.
Q What are the different payment options available?
A Cheques and bank transfers are the primary modes of payment. We primarily accept full payment upfront. However, this is something that can be worked out through discussion.
Q How do I find out about the costing?
A As every Insignis holiday lays great emphasis on individual preferences, the itinerary building begins only after our first meeting with you. Therefore, we will provide a rough estimate of the trip cost depending on the location during our first meeting, and we will provide the exact cost at our second meeting.
Q How will I be able to confirm my booking?
A Bookings will be confirmed at our second meeting wherein we will present the itinerary, costing and contract.
Q Whom do we contact if we have any queries?
A We have a dedicated phone line and email address which will connect you with our competent staff that shall do their best to resolve your queries.
Q Will I need to travel to the airport on my own?
A Absolutely not! We will take care of you right from pickup on the day of departure to drop-off on the day of arrival.
Q Will I be guided on how to make the most of my holiday?
A Yes. We shall have a discussion to understand what kind of holiday you seek. Then, we will suggest the ideal destination, keeping in mind the time of the year in which you would be travelling. Of course, you can choose any package you wish to. We will go to any lengths to make it refreshingly unique and memorable.
Q From the day of our meeting, how much time will it take for the pre-holiday arrangements to be completed?
A Owing to the extensive degree of detail in planning your holiday, as well as the completion of basic travel formalities such as visa acquisition, we require an average turnaround time of 45 days.
Q Can I make suggestions with regard to accommodation?
A At Insignis Getaways, luxury is the minimum standard. We ensure that you enjoy the finest experience. Therefore, we do not provide customers with the choice of stay.
Q What if the activities that we want to experience are not available?
A We have a dedicated team which will ensure that the activities perfectly take place according to the itinerary. In the circumstances of extreme weather or unforeseen events, our team will do their best to reschedule the event to ensure that you do not miss out on the activity.
Q Will I constantly receive updates from you team during the trip?
A You will receive daily itineraries and updates through email. We also offer the option of receiving this information through Whatsapp.
Q Can some special requirements be arranged on request?
A Please do notify us of any special requirements, and we will ensure that we make arrangements, subject to legal, health and safety conditions.
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